Alex Krokus: Animation & Illustration


Below is a list of friends and collaborators whose work I really believe in. If you are a fan of what I do, I encourage you to check these people out too!


Krystal Downs is another Brooklyn-based animator who I frequently collaborate with. We've co-directed two films and curated an animation showcase together. We are currently in preproduction for our third film, estimated to come out Spring 2017.

Jensine Eckwall is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who also works with comics. Jensine provided the writing, storyboarding and designs for our collaborative film "The Nightmare". Her work is a big inspo to me.

Ben Passmore is a NOLA-based cartoonist who writes the ongoing comic series "DAYGLOAYHOLE". He is also an organizer for the New Orleans Comic & Zine fest, a radically minded community-focused event held annually in New Orleans, LA.

Ben, Krystal and I are currently in preproduction for an animated short based on his comic "Your Black Friend".

Matthew Van Asselt is an NYC-based printmaker that runs the arts-distribution label, Mt. Home Arts. Matt and I have collaborated on several print series for both personal and commissioned projects.

Silver Sprocket is a radically-minded distro that functions as both a record label and comic publisher. I have contributed comics to multiple volumes of Silver Sprocket's "As You Were" anthology series as well as direct music videos for bands on their label.

Noel'le Longhaul is a tattoo artist/fine artist/musician who I became friends with when I used to tour with my music. Her work is inspiring and I hope that we can find the time to make a film in the near future. It would be very good. 

Jordan Bruner is a fellow director/animator based out of Brooklyn. I have animated under Jordan's art direction multiple times and it feels good to work within a style that emulates a tactile hand-drawn approach that is similar to my own.